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Feather Care

Caring for your new feathers couldn't be easier! Whiting Fashion Feathers are the highest quality feathers on the market. Properly cared for, they will retain their brilliant color and can be worn in your hair months

When you receive them I recomend that you hold them over steam from a tea kettle. Hold them as close to the steam as you can. This will straighten them out and fluff up the fibers after being flattened during shipping.

The steam realigns the protiens in the feathers and works better than trying to use a flat iron. So if you curl them and looking for a new style, this works like a charm!

Thank you for your order! Your feathers will be shipped within 24 hours through the United States Post Office and I will email you a tracking number. If you need the feathers right away, please contact me and I can ship it express. We can also ship FedEx if you'd like, any questions, please give me a call.




Tools and Beads for Feather Hair Extensions

Stylist Tool Kit & Micro Beads $35

Just getting started, add our stylist tool kit and 75 micro beads to your order. Each kit includes the crimpe, hook tool, and a mixed selection of silicone lined aluminum micro beads. Everything you'll need in one package!

Micro Beads $7.50/25 beads

Need more beads? Here you can select the colors you need in our high grade microbeads. The come in blonde, brown, brunette, and black. They are the silicone lined aluminum micro beads that eveyone is looking for.

To order please select a color:

*Return Policy - If you receive your order and are not happy with it in some way, please contact me. There are absolutely not returns on fashion feathers sold on full or half saddles. Any returns will be charged a 15% restocking charge.

This is because a few have ordered saddles and after receiving them, plucked feathers and then returned them wanting a full refund. We can not count each feather on every saddle we sell, so there is no other way to deal this problem.

If you have ordered loose feathers such as feather bundles and not happy for some reason, please contact me immediatly and I will resolve the problem. I, in no way, want you to be unhappy with feathers you purchase from me.

Thanks, David 608-332-4220


For express shipping please call!

Coq-tails 15"- 21"

These are just in, you can find them under the Steven Tyler Fat feathers


Full Saddles

starting today, we are offering 3 grades of full saddles!


Stylist Tool Kits

Add our stylist tool kit and 75 beads to your starter kit for just $35!

We carry 3 shades of the finest silicone beads

25 beads - $7.50


Be sure and check out our layered feather extensions!

Take a look at these!!!


Feather Braiders

check out the amazing color and size selection


fat feathers 9" - 13"



popular colors


dark barred ginger


grizzly variant


chartruese laced hen

hot pink dyed on badger

black lace hen dyed chartruese


Java Peacock


Silver Reeves

cree hackle - the ultimte variant

Mandarin Flanks


grizzly variant

Designer peacock eyes



Feather size

The feathers on these saddles are well marked and just the right width.


Argus pheasant


amherst - dyed black


Black laced layered extensions

hen feather pair

purple laced hen


Barred Ginger Saddle

am-gold tippets

designer peafowl


Great Argus secondary


Impeyan hen