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Feathers for tying Saltwater Flies

Saltwater fly fishing is still one of the fastest growing sectors in the market today.

And even though these big patterns call for quite a few synthetics, feathers will always combine to tie some of the most effective and deadly patterns.

So if you're planning a trip and have a few patterns in mind, here's a quick guide to get you started!

Links to our best selling feathers

Here is a list of the best selling feathers for tying saltwater patterns. The rooster feathers are large, wide, and webby. And just to mix it up a bit, I threw in some skunk tails. If you've never tied with them, you really need to check these out!

Saltwater Capes & Saddles

These rooster have been selected and bred to produce wide webby feathers with a strong flexable stem so that the feather keeps its shape in the water. The tip is rounded on both the cape and saddle feathers. The selection of natural and dyed colors is incredible.


Probably the most called for feather in tying saltwater flies, marabou is found on the lower end of your Thanksgiving turkey. It is plucked, "bailed", sent to China to be dyed and strung, then sent back here to be tied into beautiful but deadly saltwater flies!


Chic a bou

This is the chicken's version of marabou. And with chickens coming in so many different colors, the available colors and paterns is impressive. One of the most popular is dyed grizzly chickabou.

Peacock Herl

It seems that on every fly you tie, peacock herl could be included in the recipie. The magical quality of these irridescent fibers glistening in the water is more than a fish can refuse.

Flat wing fly Saddles

These long, narrow, feathers might look dry fly saddle hackle but take a closer look. Unlike dry fly hackle, these feathers soft and webby to soak up the water. Check out the colors, most notable in this line are the paper white saddles, probably our most popular color.

Schlappen Bundles

These feathes are found on a rooster just before the tail feathers. Some people mistake them for tail feathers because they are long and usually flow up over the tail. However, unlike the tail, they are softer and the stem is more flexable.


Whiting Spey Cock

These feathers are perfect for tying large saltwater patterns. They are the center tail feathers from the roosters and are dyed every color you can imagine. These feathers are the longest on the bird, 12 to 15 inches.

Skunk Tails

A bit of a departure from feathers, these tails have beautiful long fibers, far nicer than any bucktail you'll ever use. The interesting hairs on these tails are the ones that are a combination of black and white, and not to worry they are tanned, so most of the smell is gone!


If you'd like to place an order, the best way is to e-mail me a list. If you don't see just the exact color of something you're looking for, or you're just about out of a hard to find color, please ask. Chances are I have one and I'd be glad to email you some pictures.

Soon I hope to have a simple version of a shopping cart, but first I'd like to get most items listed on the site. I'm the only one putting orders together so if you have any special requests I'm glad to help. All orders will be shipped within 24 hours.

Thanks for visiting my site and if you have any questions please call.








<Whiting Farms American Rooster Saddles>

Saltwater Rooster Saddles - the perfect feather for saltwater and streamer patterns


Tarpon Flies


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Saltwater Rooster Saddles

natural colors

<Dry fly Capes>

Saltwater Rooster Saddles

<eurasion jay feathers>

European Jay

<dry fly hackle>


Shooting Star

<chuck furimski>

Chuck Furimski shops only the best!

<soft hackle hen capes>

Soft Hackle Hen Capes

Caddis Fly

<fly fishing show>


<flat wing fly saddles>

Flat Wing Fly Saddles

<silver pheasant feathers>

True Silver Pheasant

<red grouse feathers>

Red Grouse


<amgold pheasant tail feathers>

AmGold Tails

Malay Crestless Fireback

<schleopen feather>

<java green peacock feathers>

Jave Green Peacock

<tiger heron feather>

Tiger Heron

<Ocelated turkey feathers>

Ocelated Turkey

<germains peacock pheasant feathers>

Germain's Peacock Pheasant

<Whiting American Saddles>

Saltwater Saddles

<toucan fethers>

Ariel Toucan

<cotinga feathers>


<kingfisher feathers>

White Breasted Kingfisher

<junglecock feathers>

Red Junglefowl

<tragopan feathers>

Temmink's Hen

<soft hackle feathers>

<rhea feathers>

rhea - golden olive

<American shoveler feathers>

The fin