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spade hackle

Tailing Packs - Spade Hackle

Spade hackle get it's name from it's unique shape. Just who gave it this name, I have no idea.

There has been much confusion as to just where these feathers come from on the bird. They are found on the shoulders and wings of roosters.

However, with the breeders selecting for ever smaller midge sized hackle, these feathers are becoming harder and harder to find.

Tips for Tying with Spade hackle

If you want your dry fly to float on the water's surface, the tail fibers you use have to be stiff. If they bend, your fly will break the furface tension of the water and sink. This is a mistake many tiers make and resort to some type of artificail floatant.

The beauty in spade hackle is that the fibers are long and stiff - making perfect for tailing on your dry flies. Another source of these "hard" fibers is found on the throat of the rooster. You'll find these feathers on the outer edge of a dry fly cape. They protect the body of the rooster from the sharp spurs of other roosters.


    Coq de Leon  

Dating back to 1624, Coq de Leon, or the "rooster of Leon" is the oldest line of birds bred for their feathers.

The beautiful long speckled fibers are stiff, almost having a glassy look. The perfect tailing material.

To see the full selection of CDL tailings offered by Whiting, please visit; Coq de Leon


Spade Hackle Patches / $12.50
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Grizzly is probably the most called for color. The barring is clean and the fibers are long.

But check out the other shades of grizzly. From dark to bleached, they give your fly a strong sturdy tail.



Spade Hackle Patches / $5

To order, select a color;




If you're tying Adams, you'll need brown to mix in wth your grizzly.

For Cahill patterns, the cream is perfect.

These different shades of browns are as nice as they come.



Spade Hackle Patches / $5

To order, select a color;




Blue Wing Olives are the most popular fly in this area. So naturally I sell a lot of the different shades of dun.

Black is also a popular color if you're tying midge patterns. Surprisingly, the black tails stand out on the water making your fly easier to see.



Spade Hackle Patches / $5
To order, select a color;



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