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Sun Bittern

On first inspection, this is a rather drab, nondescript heron-like hunter, however, once disturbed, this bird takes flight reavealing dramatic a large, dark "eye spot" on each wing. Living alongside shady forest streams, they have a sedat, deliberate walk, hunting with bodies tilted, ready to seize prey with a quick jab of the bill. Like herons, they nest in trees, lay 2 eggs, and although precocial, youg stay in nest for several weeks

Tying with Sun Bittern feathers

Although not a true Bittern, it is the only member in its family. This bird offers a host of new possibilities for flies and crafts.

From wings on wet flies to steelhead hackles and wings, to just about every salmon fly application.

The barred pattern on the body feathers may offer the saltwater tier some new possibilities too. The unique soft texture of the body and flank feathers will move like crazy in the water. This particular textural quality of feathers is known as powder down.

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Collecter Set - 22 feathers

There is indeed an amazing variety of feathers on this bird.

I've put together this 22 feather assortment that includes matched pairs from the body, wings and tail of the bird.

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I'm looking for pictures of flies and the recipies you used to tie them. Please give me a call or email me for more information.



Whoever named this group of birds "softbills" was obviously never close enough to be pinched by a toucan or speared by a heron's beak!

Members of this group vary considerably. here you will find everything from turacos that feed exclusivly on leaves and petals to carnivores kingfishers.

However, one thing all have in common is that as babies, they are all born helpless and dependent on their parents care.

Softbill Species:


eurasian jay

blue cotingas


pomador cotinga

fruit crow

flamed tanager


fairy bluebird

pond heron

tiger heron

asian kingfisher

african kingfisher

golden breasted starling


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