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Pompadour Cotinga

The Pompadour belongs to the family of white winged Cotingas. During breeding season males gather to perform a ritualized flight display to attract a female. Two or three males will chase each other around a group of tree tops, keeping above the trees so that their white wings flashing against the dark foliage are visable for a great distance. The males call has been described as a sudden loud, ventriloquial, frog-like rattling croak. The female is a drab brown and grey.

Tying with Pompadour Cotinga Feathers

Not a classically considered bird, but it is appearing more and more lately. There is a range of colors from white to pinks to deep magenta. Feather shape is similar to the Blue Chatterer members of the Cotinga family with rounded tips, white bases and darker towards the tips.

Feather size belies the size of the bird. The long feathers can be stacked and offset and used as sides on a topping wing fly. Other uses are very much like the Chatterer uses such as tail veilings, cheeks, sides and body veilings Toucan style. The wing feathers range in color from white to magenta fringed. These will make some beautiful whole feather wing flies.

The small feathers lend themselves to being used for Chatterer style bodies, packing lots of feathers around the hook shank. Creative tiers will find other uses for many of these feathers. Crafters will also find that they can work these feathers into their projects too.

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3 Assortments

There are alot of interesting feathers on this little guy, and here are 3 assortments I've put together. If there's something specific you're looking for, give me a call.










assortment 1   assortment 2   assortment 3