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Blue Cotingas

These small beautiful birds are a forest species and inhabit the highest treetops where they feast mostly on fruit, snatching it from trees in mid flight. During breeding season, males gather high in a single tree to perform their striking courtship display. Flying from branch to branch, a rattling sound is heard, a result of the unique shape of the males outer primary wing feathers.

Tying with Cotinga Feathers

There are seven members in the Blue Cotinga family. Most popular and available is the Spangled Cotinga or Cotinga Cayana. Classically chatterer feathers have been used in the same manner as the Indian Crow, namely for tail and body veilings, tails, sides, cheeks, hackling, throats and wings.

Having an unmistakable visual impact on a fly when used however, chatterer is not a cheap feather. The turquoise color resembles no other feather. It is not clear how the chatterer nomenclature was attached to this bird but possibly it came about as Kingfisher was subbed for chatterer on flies as it was more readily available.

Certain members of the Kingfisher family are referred to as chatterers because of their raucous and noisy sounds. It is possible that someone got confused about which bird one was referring to. Another species of popular chatterer is the Purple Breasted Cotinga or Cotinga Cotinga. Exhibiting a rich deep cobalt blue color it has the same uses as the Cayana.

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Spangled Cotinga - C. cayana $80.00  

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Spangled Cotinga - C. cayana

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Whoever named this group of birds "softbills" was obviously never close enough to be pinched by a toucan or speared by a heron's beak!

Members of this group vary considerably. here you will find everything from turacos that feed exclusivly on leaves and petals to carnivores kingfishers.

However, one thing all have in common is that as babies, they are all born helpless and dependent on their parents care.

Softbill Species:


eurasian jay

blue cotingas


pomador cotinga

fruit crow

flamed tanager


fairy bluebird

pond heron

tiger heron

asian kingfisher

african kingfisher

golden breasted starling


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Jock Scott

Banded Cotinga
Cotinga maculata

Lovely Cotinga
Cotinga amabilis

Purple-breasted Cotinga
Cotinga cotinga

Spangled Cotinga
Cotinga cayana

Plum-throated Cotinga
Cotinga maynana

Turquoise Cotinga
Cotinga ridgwayi

Blue Cotinga
Cotinga nattererii