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Standing over 9 feet tall, a male Ostrich can run at speeds of 45 mph for up to 30 minutes. His wing span is over 2 meters, which he uses in mating displays and to provide shade for his chicks. His herom lay their eggs in a communal nest, usually 20, and he alone incubates them. And somehow he is able to distinguish eggs from his favorite female and gives them prefered placement in the nest. There are 4 recognized subspecies.

Tying with Ostrich Feathers

To the salmon fly tier, great ostrich herl is one of the most desirable of all materials. Long herl with a fine rachis with dense fibers is sought after like precious stones.

The use of ostrich herl goes back to the 1700s. Trout tiers can strip the fibers off of the rachis and use it to make mayfly bodies using it in both a natural or dyed state.

Mary Orvis Marbury describes some ostrich herl bodied bass flies as well as wrapped as a head of the fly. Small plumes with a fine stem can also be use spey fly style, wrapped as a hackle like heron or blue eared pheasant.

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Wing Plumes

Fly Fishing show season is just around the corner! As with every year, I will have the same wide selection, plenty to pick through, and off course, a few new offerings to grab your attention


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Earth Tones
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I'm looking for pictures of flies and the recipies you used to tie them. Please give me a call or email me for more information.