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Koklass Pheasant

More grouse-like in many respects, this elusive bird makes its home in high altitude forests. Ranging Afganistan, Kashmir, Nepal, and into China, there are nine recognized subspecies, each colored a bit differently than the other, some with yellow in the neck, others more silver of chestnut. One constant in all subspecies is the charactoristic white neck patch.

Tying with Koklass Pheasant Feathers

One of the most under-used birds for artistic tier is the ubiquitous Ringneck
pheasant. Many Mary Orvis Marbury patterns such as the Cleveland and the Maid Of The Mill bass flies and other.

Trout tiers know the pheasant tail nymph, wet fly wings, legs on hoppers and steelhead tiers have used rump feathers for throats and for long heron like hackles for a long time.

Don’t forget the hen for March Brown wings and wet fly wings.

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Body Contour Feathers $20.00  

These are nice clean, full skins, hand selected for color and size.

The tails are complete and unlike other skins, the wings are attached.

To see a larger image of the full skin, simply click on the picture of the left and a new window will open.





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Koklass Male $0.00  

These are the tails from fully mature birds. Each tail clump is a full tail, right down to the smallest side tails.

Shortly I will be putting up the dyed colors so be sure and check back.


rooster - $

hen - $





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Rump Patches $5.50  

These are the rump patches from the rooster. The feathers have long fibers that make nice material for tying spey and steelhead patterns.





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Hen Wings $7.50  

Hen wing quills are called for in many wet fly recepies. These matched pairs will provide every size and color shade you'll ever need.





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I'm looking for pictures of flies and the recipies you used to tie them. Please give me a call or email me for more information.




<malayan peacock pheasant>Pheasants

All pheasants are native to Asia. There are 52 different breeds of these beautiful birds, 17 of which are listed as endangered.

Habitat destruction and hunting has reduced the number of these birds in the wild. The Hainan Peacock Pheasant, thought to be a subspecies of the grey, is one of these and is one of the most endangered birds in all of China. Today it is at greater risk of extinction than even the Giant Panda.

None listed here are in such danger - but with habitat destruction and population growth, it's just a matter of time.


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