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Amherst/Reeves Cross

This species is found on high mountain slopes living in the heavey bamboo thickets and thorny thickets. Males are vocal, and are frequently heard amidst the heavey fog as they remind other males that this is their territory. The display is elaberate, cape

Tying with Lady Amherst / Reeves Feathers

The Lady Amherst pheasant possesses a similar form as the golden with crests, tippets, etc. Tail feathers can be used in married and mixed wing salmon flies.

The tippets are used for wings on such flies as the Lady Amherst and the Lang Syne that uses green dyed tippets. Besides wings, the tippets can be used for body veilings, tails and hackles on grub patterns.

The red crests make for great body veilings, tails and toppings. Single tail fibers used as horns on salmon flies make striking contrasts against the wings. The green, golden and red of the body plumage offer the creative tier and crafter with myriad possibilities.

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Feather Packs    

Neck Feathers - 12 feathers / $7.50

The Golden Witch has these feathers as shoulders. Also available in dyed colors.


Shoulder Feathers - 12 feathers / $7.50

Similar in color to those found on a golden, these make great shoulders.





Tippets - 12 feathers / $5.50

A bit more of a blue green, the edge is more flat than round.





Breast Feathers - 12 feathers / $9.50

If you're tying the Carries Special or the Green Hornet, here is the feather you'll need.




Back Feathers - 12 feathers / $5.50

These are a nice red feather with a square edge.






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Male $0.00  

Here is an adult male, I guessing 3 to 4 years old. This bird is just coming out of a moult, the color is vibrant and the edges of the feathers are fresh.

With game farm raised birds, the best quality feathers come from just such a bird. No wear marks from rubbing on the wire or fading from the sun.

The tail has not grown all the way in, but as you can see, the covers and tail quills are long enough to any pattern.





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I'm looking for pictures of flies and the recipies you used to tie them. Please give me a call or email me for more information.




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All pheasants are native to Asia. There are 52 different breeds of these beautiful birds, 17 of which are listed as endangered.

Habitat destruction and hunting has reduced the number of these birds in the wild. The Hainan Peacock Pheasant, thought to be a subspecies of the grey, is one of these and is one of the most endangered birds in all of China. Today it is at greater risk of extinction than even the Giant Panda.

None listed here are in such danger - but with habitat destruction and population growth, it's just a matter of time.


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Comparing Neck Feathers


Lady Amherst


50 / 50 Cross






Tail Feathers