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Hungarian or Grey Partridge

Native to Europe and Asia, this husky gamebird was first introduced into Ohio in 1909 and now finds its home in the grasslands and grainfields of the northern states. They form flocks of 10 to 12 and breeding season begins in May. Hens lay up to 20 eggs, one of the largest clutch sizes of any bird species.

Tying with Hungarian Partridge Feathers

The Hungarian or Grey Partridge has been a staple for fly tiers for centuries. With a strong palate of greys and browns to red browns, this bird has served the needs for the wet fly afficionado.

Wing feathers, primaries and secondaries can be use for March Brown wet flies while the grey breast feathers make great soft hackle flies that move lifelike in the water. Many aquatic insects in various stages have legs showing some speckling.

The speckled feathers from this bird make great legs on a variety of patterns from stonefly nymphs, mayfly nymphs and caddis pupae. The fly tier should not be without a couple of good skins at their disposal.


Hungarian Partridge - Male $40.00  

Silver and Speckled Feathers

The fly tier should not be without a couple of good skins at their disposal. These birds are skined with the wings on.


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Grey Partridge - Female $40.00  

Mottled tans and browns

Female Huns are easy to tell apart from the males by the darker modeling on the back and the white breast.

And as you can see in the picture, the body feathers are a bit more tan in color.



Grade #1 Select / $40




Partridge Wings $12.50  

Soft and Webby Feathers

The soft webby feathers on these hen capes quickly absorb water, keeping your fly below the surface.

Hen capes offer the widest choice in sizes and colors . The feathers are long and narrow yet soft.

One of the benefits of a hen cape is that the smaller sizes on the top of the neck have a stem long enough to give you a few wraps - even on the smallest of flys.

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Partridge Wing / $12.50 pair












Partridge and Orange


Hungarian Male

Available in 8 dyed colors!


Dyed Color



Bleached Ginger


Brown Olive


Caddis Green