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Ceylon Junglefowl

More common in the eastern and drier scrub jungle of the coatline than in the damper areas of the west, males are often seen vigorously scratching for various seeds, fallen fruit and insects. Relatively nonsocial, each has its own definate territory, breeding with 2-3 females. Nests are built on the ground and begins as early as Feruary, clutch size being 2-3. Interestingly, crossing a Grey and Red produces an offspring closley resembeling the Ceylon.

Tying with Ceylon Junglefowl Feathers

Similar in color to the Red Junglefowl, the feathers on this bird are very different. Check out the closeups below and you'll see that the tip of each feather is a "V" shape. The barbs extend out past the feather stem at the tip.

It is thought that our coch-y-bonddu hackle descended from this bird. Ceylon Junglefowl feathers make great cheeks and wings on streamer patterns, underwings on salmon flies and potentially new uses for the saltwater tier. Side tails are used on classic spey patterns calling specifically for “cock hackles”.

The Ceylon Junglefowl hen has some very interesting color patterns. The fine mottling on the back of the bird and beautiful pattern on the breast make for interesting feathers for soft hackle possibilities.

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Ceylon Male - Collecter Set $0.00  

These are the three main types of hackle from a male in full breeding plumage.

The top pair is from the saddle, the middle pair is the darker hackle from the shoulders and breast, and the lower pair is neck hackle which is a lighter gold color.

15 pair mixed set - $45





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Ceylon Female - Collecter Set $0.00  

And here is an assortment from the female. The feathers certainly are not as striking as the males, however, the mottling on the hen feathers make them quite attractive.

Click the image for a larger view

15 pair mixed set - $25





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Ceylon Junglefowl $425.00  

This is a an adult breeding male in full nuptual plumage. The feathers are in good condition and the colors are vibrant.

I do have a few hens in the freezer, so if you are a collecter and looking for a perfect pair, please contact me.



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I'm looking for pictures of flies and the recipies you used to tie them. Please give me a call or email me for more information.




The earliest fossil records of junglefowl were found in southeastern Europe. Sadly, I don't have any feathers from this "Giant Junglefowl" breed, we can only imagine what they might have looked like.

Today there are 56 recognized lines of fancy show breeds, all genetic descendents of the red junglefowl. Domesticating this bird and selecting for all the different breeds took hundreds if not thousands of years. However, if we took all lines of fancy chickens and bred them back together, we would end up unraveling all those years and be right back with a red junglefowl.



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